Vision Services
Urgent Services

It is important to seek medical attention for any eye or eyelid injuries, foreign bodies in the eye, or sudden changes in vision. The eye is easily damaged and even minor cuts, scratches, and irritation can lead to vision loss if left untreated.

Why are urgent services needed?

People seek emergency eye treatment for everything from eye irritation to sudden changes in vision, foreign bodies stuck in the eye, eye pain, blurry vision, eye scratches, bleeding or discharge around the eye, redness, and sensitivity to light.

Emergency care is necessary in the following situations:

  • There is a scratch or cut on the eye. 
  • The eyes have been exposed to a hazardous chemical. 
  • Eyes are painful, itchy, and red and are not relieved with over-the-counter products. 
  • Eye pain is accompanied by a headache or nausea. 
  • Eyes are bleeding. 
  • There is a sudden change in vision. 
  • Eyes are suddenly more sensitive to light. 
  • Eyes are stinging or burning.

These symptoms may be caused by a blow to the eye, a work-related accident, debris entering the eye, direct trauma, or progression of eye diseases.

How are urgent care services performed?

Emergency eye care treatment begins with a thorough examination. Depending on the type of injury or symptom, treatment may include:

  • Eye irrigation 
  • Numbing eye drops to reduce discomfort 
  • Foreign body removal
  • Bandage Contact Lenses
  • Antibiotics to treat infection
  • Steroid eye drops to reduce inflammation 
    If you are unable to reach Dr. Rodgers or if it is after office hours, 911 immediately if you are suffering from an eye emergency.